Is it magic? It’s innovation

20 December, 2019

If there is a sector that is pure emotion, it is cosmetics. Products that offer an entire experience, which not only promise a beautiful and well-groomed skin but also invite a trip to delight the senses and the permanent capacity of surprise, without which emotions could not exist.

Beyond sensations, cosmetics lives on innovation, a process in progress and continuous transformation that explores new ways of creation and new ways of attracting the consumer. Although innovation begins with inspiration, with the desire for new proposals, we can not lose sight of the fact that it is mainly based on a continuous dialogue with the consumer, who must be listened to carefully. In this constant interaction, innovation is based on adaptation and transformation.

On the one hand, we talk about adapting to new habits, new lifestyles, new tastes and new trends. And on the other, to transform so as not to be left behind, to constantly resurface to continue surprising the user. What is the consumer of cosmetics looking for today? He wants to get astonished by you with new experiences of use and unknown sensations. We turn to a trends expert who controls all the news because he has daily access to tons of information. Of course, we are not necessarily facing to an active ingredients specialist but to an ultra-informed user like never before. For this reason we must detect what the consumer is really looking for or anticipate us to know what product will make him fall in love, even if he does not yet know it, always closely following the evolution of his lifestyle. Currently speed is one of the rising values ​​in the beauty ritual. Fast beauty looks for visible results with the least investment of time possible. Thus, a format already established as the stick becomes a must applied to any concept, allowing a saving of time, space and a comfortable and easy use experience. Likewise, 2-in-1 products fit the new concept of flash beauty, offering several benefits in a single application.

Cosmetic trompe-l’oeils. What do trompe-l’oeil have to do with cosmetics? Much, for the magical and suggestive part that this game has with the viewer, an optical illusion that ceases to be the exclusive patrimony of art, since it has burst onto other areas such as gastronomy. In this line, the concept of food & beauty comes to the cosmetics, a fusion of the facial treatment with the appearance to create a cosmetic trompe l’oeil. Put another way, we play with the senses and mix perfumes, colors and textures to create products that remind of desserts, drinks, sweets … We seek the complicity of the consumer, we propose a game to cause the surprise effect and the much sought after new use experiences. In short, we investigate to offer you an illusion. Finally, another addictive game that we invite to join our audience is that of transformable textures. Again, products that are not what they seem at first glance: watery creams, gels in milk, oils or masks that become light foams, cleansing balsams or encapsulated pigments that melt gently with the skin with a delicate massage.

Products that suppose an exciting experience from the moment of its application and that also take care of the skin with effective formulas. Changing textures that are transformed with use, products that create an optical illusion, benefits that are achieved instantly, practical formats that save time and space … we are not dealing with magic but with the fruit of an arduous and constant work in innovation, with clear challenges on the horizon.