Nobody has ever taken cosmetics so far

At RNB we create global cosmetic solutions to offer unique personal care experiences. We like innovating in all our processes — from how we listen to people to the way we develop our formulas and work side by side with customers and collaborators.

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Creating unforgettable experiences

We put ourselves in p’ shoes to develop products specially adapted to each type of costumer and market. We see the creation of a product as an end to end process that includes market and consumer analysis, a selection of the most effective ingredients, formula developments, packaging design aligned with each of our creations, and the training and communications initiatives that come with them. Ultimately, our goal is to help our customers become market leaders.

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A place where dreams come true

Our premises are the place where we turn our customers’ wishes into reality. Our laboratory (originally designed for pharmaceutical products) is among the best in Europe. It is fully equipped with the latest technology and one of the most demanding quality control systems in the industry. However, there is no question about it: our biggest asset is our team of 600+ professionals, passionately committed to their daily work, who help us stay as industry leaders.

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Our Blog

We invite you into this space to find out all about skin care, learn all kinds of useful tips and read more on what we care about at RNB.