Hands take centre stage

23 March, 2020

Our hands are always present in our lives, and yet we often forget about them. With our hands, we work, cook, handle endless objects, stroke our loved ones… but… How do we look after them?

We want to take this opportunity to write a few lines reflecting on how to look after our hands to ensure they are beautiful, as well as bacteria-free.

More than anything else, our hands’ hygiene is most important. Hands can be transmitters of endless bacteria. Without realising, we touch our eyes, face or mouth with our hands and, if they are not clean, that small gesture might lead to an infection. This is why it is key to wash our hands with hot water and soap for around 40 seconds and as many times as necessary throughout the day. If that is not possible, we recommend using cleansing gels, because their high alcohol content favours the elimination of polluting substances. There are many different formats for these gels in the market, some of them particularly suitable for situations when there is no easy access to water and soap, so you can carry some gel with you in your bag or pocket and wash your hands wherever you need to.

Besides, these gels’ special formula is suitable for children too, which makes them a perfect ally for parents in order to ensure the little ones’ hygiene. Further to issues around cleanliness, we can also exfoliate our hands once a week to remove dead cells, as a way to favour skin regeneration. Hygiene is key, but we must not forget moisturising. The actual composition of the skin on the palm and the back of our hands is in fact different, but both body parts are exposed to scratches, small cuts, water, sun, wind, cold, heat… In order to provide complete care for our hands, it is highly desirable that we ensure they stay as moisturised as possible. There are different options that allow you to use the most adequate product for each occasion —moisturising, nourishing, repairing, highly concentrated creams…

And, if we want to go even further in the way we care for our hands, we can aim for some added benefits: for instance, there are creams with solar protection filters that will help us protect our hands from the sun’s radiation and avoid skin spots.

Apply these creams while softly massaging the hands as many times as you want throughout the day. Actually, this will be a good way to make a brief pause and look after our hands, just as they deserve.

All in all, hands are an absolutely necessary tool for our daily lives. Taking care of them must be something we include in our daily routines as a personal care habit. This way, we’ll ensure that we keep our hands clean, well looked after and healthy.