We are RNB

RNB started as a pharmaceutical laboratory and has always borne in mind consumers’ perspectives in order to offer global personal care solutions, working closely with Customers and Suppliers. We start by seeking out excellent formulas and combine that with unique packaging design, excellent point of sale presence and training and communication plans.

We take care of every detail to offer unique experiences in skin care and daily beauty rituals for millions of people. How do we do it? At RNB, we work hard to constantly strike a balance around the four key pillars that support our everyday work:


People and Professionals

RNB people are good people and great professionals, persons whose human qualities become apparent when we see how approachable, empathetic, humble and full of common sense they are.  These professionals live out those values in their work, always looking for the best possible result, and they do that with global vision, flexibility, pragmatism, accountability, leadership and, above all, passion for what they do.


Image and Design

We want to make fully functional effective products, designed in a way that can create emotions through beauty. This is why we have the best professionals, people who are able to make our products and premises and everything around them, and everything RNB communicates, align with our essence.


Technology and Excellence

We love using the latest technologies to achieve the best results in everything we do. Our passion for innovation dates back to our very beginnings and stems from our constant quest for excellence. We don’t settle for just doing a good job: once we have reached our goal, we press on to go even further.


Caring for the Environment and Making it Better

We want to care for the environment and even make it better, and we want to do that today as well as contributing to a brighter future tomorrow. We want to give to our closest community by running various social programs in partnership with local organizations and institutions, seeking to make a positive difference.