Our very own model

Adopting the consumers’ perspective, we create in collaboration with customers and suppliers, offering full coverage for the development of cosmetic solutions. We advise our customers on the creation of a unique value proposition that will contribute to their leadership in the market. Right from the start, our passion for researching, learning and innovating has been part of every stage of the model we work with: Product, Place and People.


The development of a product is the combination of many parts. It starts with a comprehensive market and shelf analysis and by carefully listening to the consumer. The next step is developing a formula that uses the most efficient ingredients for each specific product proposal, along with the corresponding packaging design in line with the product concept.

We can count on a multidisciplinary team of experts specialized in formulation, packaging and design, and we work with internationally acclaimed partners who, with an innovative spirit, a rigorous approach and the utmost respect for consumers’ skin, create products that offer a unique user experience and a formula and image people fall in love with.

Besides, our capacity and our production versatility as well as the various European regulations certifications, we hold, make it possible for us to adapt to every client, providing the manufacturing they need.


Making our products known is key to giving them the visibility they deserve; it is also important to do it in a way that’s attractive and captivating, in order to speak to consumers’ minds.

We support our customers in the launch to market of their products. We help with different activities ranging from point of sale layouts and visibility to on-line and off-line communication action plans. All of this with a view to giving our products the relevance they need and create unique purchase experiences for consumers.


Choosing a product must be a satisfactory experience for consumers, so helping them make the right choice easily is also very important.

We offer to complement the launch to market of a product by giving the corresponding training on it. Beyond mere information, in-depth knowledge and advice, the teams working in a project must feel part of it. It is therefore very important that they believe in it.

This is why we give them training, providing them with the necessary tools to prescribe products adequately, and helping improve consumers’ purchase experiences.


The best way to illustrate what we do is by showcasing a handful of our creations: