Capacity and production versatility

At RNB we make on-going investments in order to incorporate the most advanced technological resources and everything necessary to create innovative products and become a state of the art company where technology is concerned. This is how, we are able to constantly increase our degree of specialization.

Our 43,000 sq-meter premises are fully adapted to the strictest European quality regulations. We offer innovation, development and manufacturing of various medical forms, packaging formats and production volumes.

We have a pilot scaling room where we perform daily tests with raw materials and several types of packaging in order to study their feasibility before their launch to market; we also have an efficiency room where we test our laboratory formulas. A specialized team coordinates all the logistics involved in taking our products anywhere in the world. We can also count on our interconnected collaborative robots (Cobots) and automated vehicles controlled by our specialized staff that enable us to reduce or even eliminate all efforts in our daily activities.

Our quest for excellence is actually an attitude we adopt in everything we do to help us get better every day.




“We don’t settle for simply achieving our goals: once we have reached them, we press on seeking out new ways to constantly improve them”