What our fragrances hide

20 December, 2020

Like every year, Christmas arrives. A moment to share, to get excited, to give away. This year, more than ever, we need those little moments of light and joy with our own. For this reason, we have developed a wide selection of fragrances and cases that will be the best gift option on these dates. Do you want to know what and who is behind them?

The talent of the most qualified perfumers

Each and every one of the proposals is at the level of high perfumery and has been developed by great international perfumers. From Paris to New York, we have designed different scent lines to meet the needs and satisfy all the tastes of consumers. Many profiles and creatives participate in the creation of our fragrances: from the farmer to the perfumer, through designers and botanical experts. The figure of the evaluator is fundamental in the process, since he accompanies the perfumer during the creation time and acts as a link between his creativity and the taste of the final consumer.

In search of the best raw materials

Each olfactory note corresponds to a place in the world, to an inner journey, to a stimulus generated by the magic of the creative process, which is why we work with dozens of natural ingredients to achieve excellence in each creation. Rose, jasmine, musk, white grapefruit, cedar wood, pineapple or spicy sage, among others, are originally chosen to extract the best essences of nature and transform them into a unique and personal perfume.

Exclusive designs

Each of the perfumes has an exclusive packaging that is worked from the concept. Fragrances with their own identity, that reach the soul, that transmit emotions and that are undoubtedly the best Christmas gift. Learn more about them on our Instagram and Facebook account.