Dismantling false myths

16 January, 2020

We receive so much information every day that we can often confuse terms or trust us from wrong sources. First, in cosmetics we can not always rely on other testimonies of use because each skin has its own characteristics and, therefore, using the same product, we can find as many reactions as people. On the other hand, today we explain to you why some affirmations accepted unanimously are not true.

A cream with filters is the same as a sunscreen. Although they may contain similar filters, for a prolonged exposure to the sun it is better to use a facial photoprotector, since it is formulated specifically for this use. For example, these formulas are prepared to resist sweat and high temperatures and are usually resistant to water, contrary to facial creams with filters.

An aftersun and a body moisturizer are the same. False. The aftersun is specifically formulated for application after exposure to the sun, because the skin needs special care beyond hydration. They contain, among others, soothing and repairing active ingredients to restore skin’s hydration level.

Oily skin does not need hydration. False. Oily skin suffer from excess sebum and shine that can be intensified by heat or hormonal issues.That’s why they need the same hydration as normal skin, but with specific products that guarantee daily care without generating more grease, especially in critical areas such as the forehead or nose. Oil free products help to normalize the production of sebum and matt shine. Did you find useful this information? Have you also heard false myths? Tell us your doubts and we will gladly help you.